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Drive less, cycle more.
Hire out your car on Drivy and get a free bike! Did you know, the average car is parked 95% of the time whilst costing you over £3,000 a year?
Hire it out on Drivy, make up to £150 a week and get a free bike.
Register your car on Drivy
Hire it out to locals
Get a free bike from our partner Santafixie, after your fifth rental
About SantaFixie

SantaFixie is the biggest online shop for fixie bikes in Europe. It was created by a group of bike-lovers and now sell bikes in more than 30 countries.

Once you reach your 5th rental, we will send you a Santafixie bike, worth more than £300!

3 good reasons to hire out your car on Drivy:
  1. Earn money - up to £150 per rental week
  2. Help to decrease the number of cars on the road - a shared car can replace up to 15 private cars and frees up parking spaces
  3. It's safe - all your rentals are insured by our partner and benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance by the

Conditions to participate in the promotion:

  • New users only
  • You must be the registered owner of the car, living in London
  • The car needs to be less than 6 years old and the mileage must be below 60,000 mi

All terms and conditions relating to this offer can be found here. For any additional information, please email [email protected]