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List your Electric or Hybrid car on Drivy and we'll waive our fee

How Drivy reduces air pollution

Drivy helps reduce air pollution in a few simple ways: 1) Car sharing decreases the number of cars on streets. 2) Drivy enables people to make money from renting their car, which means these people are able to afford a more eco-friendly model by offsetting the costs. 3) People who use car sharing platforms are also more likely to take eco-friendly transport methods, like walking or cycling.

But Drivy wants to do more

We recognise that is still so much more to be done - and Drivy would love to see more Hybrids and Electric cars on our platform. So we'll be waiving all Drivy service fees for any new owners who list their Electric or Hybrid cars on the platform before the end of July*. No fees, all the way until Christmas. We hope it's a small change we can make to help reduce air pollution.

About Drivy

Drivy is the leading car sharing platform in Europe, with 1.8 million users and more than 50,000 cars in 6 countries. The app allows car drivers to find a car next door, open it with their smartphone and drive away. The service includes fully comprehensive insurance with Allianz and 24/7 roadside assistance provided by the AA.

*Service fees will be waived until 24th December 2018, for new hybrid and electric vehicles registered on the Drivy platform before July 31 2018. All terms and conditions relating to this offer can be found here. For any additional information, please email [email protected]