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Rent a car to visit Frankfurt

Frankfurt is often passed over by tourists in favour of Munich or Berlin. Yet there are some fascinating attractions here. For tourists who want somewhere different, it’s ideal. With its maze of narrow streets and tourist attractions scattered all around, car hire in Frankfurt is a good choice. It can be more economical and it will give you more freedom.

Driving in Frankfurt is subject to local laws. It's a culture shock for some doing it for the first time, whether a tourist or an out-of-towner. Local people know the local ways. But newcomers have to get used to local driving culture before engaging a car rental in Frankfurt. Germany has a proud history of car manufacturing as well as strict driving examinations. The pace of driving there is very fast and can leave some visitors feeling overwhelmed.

Driving and parking in Frankfurt

Due to Frankfurt’s central location, it’s a hub for the "Autobahn" (the Federal Motorway of Germany). Forests, mountains and other German cities are very easy to reach.

Germany leads the world in environmental policy. To help reduce carbon emissions on a countrywide basis, the government has set up environmental zones in the main cities including Frankfurt. You will recognise these environmental zones by the sign saying ‘Umwelt’ on a red background. Being such a car conscious country, Germany’s roads are well-maintained and comfortable for driving.

Pay close attention to road signs at all times. Keep your eyes on the traffic flow. Once you start, you will soon master it. As Frankfurt has a complicated network of streets, we recommend you keeping your GPS switched on at all times while driving. IT will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed and wasting time.

Frankfurt, like most cities, has usual parking problems. There are various regulations. Different signs indicate the parking rules in a particular space. You need to familiarise yourself with these signs and their meanings. A mistake could cost you a lot. Illegally-parked vehicles in the city centre are towed away. The fee to release your vehicle can be very high. To avoid paying parking fines, you need to study the rules and parking colour codes. It will save you a lot of trouble. To avoid paying for parking mistakes, familiarize yourself with local regulations and colour-coded parking zones.

Business travel in Frankfurt

As Germany is a major car manufacturer, there are plenty of luxury cars on the road. Many quality cars are manufactured here, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi and BMW. Germans love their automobiles and this is a country where it’s possible to rent a luxury car at an affordable price.

Additional tips

Before driving around the city, check that your car rental in Frankfurt displays the correct stickers allowing you unrestricted road access to all tourist attractions. Those who give their car for rent in Frankfurt should ensure that the rental car displays the environmental zone sticker. If car owners don't provide it, you can buy one for €12.00. It’s important to display this sticker because if you are found driving in an environmental zone without one, a €40.00 fine will be payable.

Frankfurt is rich in history and culture. Attractions include the Eischenheimer Tower, in the old town walls, It’s 47 metres high and was built in the 15th century. The nearby Stock Exchange was built in 1879. Goethe House, where the 18th-century writer was born and lived, is a unique museum. There are many more fine museums and a Zoo in Frankfurt. St Bartholomew’s Cathedral, a 14th-century Gothic masterpiece, is worth visiting. So is the Palmengarten, Germany’s largest botanic garden. See the picturesque pedestrian city zones, like Romerberg and the Hauptwache.