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Hire cars from locals in Munich - Getaround

Rent a car to visit Munich

Munich is one of the biggest cities in Germany, which makes it the country’s second unofficial capital. The city is the capital of Bavaria, a region surrounded by museums, medieval churches and castles. Visiting Munich can never lead to a dull day, more so if you choose car hire services to make your movement easy.

Austria’s border is only a stone throw away from Munich, making it easy for you to explore its environs using a hired car comfortably. You will have the freedom to get to most, if not all, the attraction sites in Bavaria and its surroundings. If you are a nature fan, you can take a trip to the beautiful state's forest or chill by the lake.

Opting for a car hire will get you sorted from the time you land at the airport or train station. Whether you are travelling alone or are in the company of friends and family, you can always find the right car to hire. Why hassle to get a bus or expensive taxis to your next stop if you can drive yourself?

Driving and parking in Munich

Driving in Munich’s high-speed autobahns and regular roads is fun. The road networks show the city residents' keenness to traffic and their cars in general. Roads are of high quality, making it easy for one to drive in and out of the city.

The best time to drive in the city is during off-peak hours as not many people are busy heading to work. However, if you need to be up early, the outer ring road is never congested, and it is the recommended road for people in a hurry. Parking in Munich is cheap, and you can find a few spots both on-street and off-street parking, though some have time limits.

However, parking on Sundays is free in most places. If your hotel has parking spots, you are lucky. Just like in many European countries, drivers keep to the right of the road and overtaking is done on the left side. Don't worry since adapting is quite natural given that you will only need to follow a few signs and your fellow drivers.

The speed limit within the city centre is about 49km/h. Most roads outside the city are autobahns, which have speed limits from 130km/h while others do not have any restrictions. Just keep an eye on the road signs, and you will be good to go.

Business travel in Munich

Being one of the busiest cities in Germany, Munich attracts business travellers from all over the world. Car hires make sure that all your business appointments are reached on time as you won't have to waste time waiting for a public means of transport.

The city hosts headquarter offices for major publishing, automotive, finance and media companies. Driving from the airport to the city centre takes about 50 minutes to one hour. You will need to plan your arrival time well and ask for your hired car to be delivered at the airport ahead of time. Fast speed internet is free at the airport, so you can get some work done if you have to wait for a few minutes.

There are classy business hotels within and without the city. Most of them offer free and ample parking services as well. Some have rooms to hold conferences and board meetings plus well-organised bedrooms to give you the perfect rest after a busy business day.

Although you might be in the city for a conference, you could spare some time to visit Englischer Garten (English Garden) and enjoy a nice rest in the heart of the city.

Additional tips

Munich has distinctive areas, one side representing the city’s history and another appreciating the thriving modern world. At Aldstadt, you will explore Munich’s history from St Mary’s Columns to Maxmilian and Old Rathaus.

On the city's modern side, you cannot miss visiting BMW's headquarters followed by an educational trip to the brand's museum. For football fans, Allianz Arena is also found on this side of the city, which is the home of Germany's most outstanding football teams.

Whether you are in Munich for business or holiday reasons, get a rental car to make the visit as free as possible. Also, do not forget your camera as you will not want to miss capturing some fantastic moments.