Cookies policy

Getaround SAS, a simplified company limited by shares with share capital of 1,231,552.50 euros, located at 35 rue Greneta, 75002 Paris and registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 522 816 651 (“Getaround”), hosts an online Platform intended to facilitate contact between Car Owners and Renters.

When you use our Platform, Getaround and its partners use different cookies, pixels, tags and other tracking tools (together “Cookies”). This cookies policy (the “Cookies Policy”) informs you about the types and purposes of the Cookies used and the means you have to restrict their use when using our Platform.

The Cookies Policy supplements the terms and conditions of use of the Platform and the Privacy Policy.

All capitalised terms have the meaning given to them in the terms and conditions of use of the Platform and/or the Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile phone, which store information to operate websites and/or collect information about your browsing.

What types of Cookies does Getaround use?

Getaround uses Cookies to offer you a convenient service featuring numerous functions and to optimise its Platform and Services. Your collected data is transmitted to our services securely via an encrypted connection.

Getaround uses different types of Cookies:

Functional cookies

These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Platform. They allow users to browse on, and use the Services and functions of, the Website and App (session ID, authentication, security, language, preferences, etc.). For example, they memorise your selection of Vehicles, help finalise a Booking and save you from having to enter the same information several times.

These functional cookies also memorise your choices on storing Cookies; measure the audience solely to ensure the proper provision of our Services; detect browsing problems, estimate the power of functional servers; and optimise the technical performance of our Platform. All of these Cookies are used exclusively for Getaround.

The functional Cookies used by Getaround are the following:

  • _session_id: this cookie enables the navigation on the Site for a logged-in User;

  • remember_user_token: this cookies allows a User to stay logged in between browsing sessions;

  • user_reference: this cookie is used to retrieve Vehicle selections made by a User who was not logged in;

  • ab_cookie: this cookie ensures the consistency of the content displayed in the context of an A/B test;

  • dt_anonymous_id: anonymous identifier associated with the browser for tracking purposes (also named “Getaround Captur” Cookie hereafter).

Since these Cookies are essential to the Service, they are automatically activated when you browse the Website or the App. You cannot delete or disable them.

Non-functional cookies

The use of the following Cookies is subject to your consent. By accepting these Cookies, you agree to the processing of your Personal Data by Getaround and its partners to the extent and purposes set out below.

Audience analysis cookies

The audience analysis Cookie is operated by the “Getaround Capture” Cookie. Acceptance of the use of this Cookie allows us to link your activity on our Platform to your Account and thus understand more accurately your activity on our Platform.

This Cookie allows us to refine the Services we offer to our Users via our Platform so that they best meet their needs.

Performance cookies

Performance Cookies allow us to collect information about how you use our Website to improve its effectiveness. We use them to:

  • compile statistics on the traffic to our Website and use of the Website’s various components, enabling us to improve the interest and functionality of our Services;

  • measure the performance of our Website, for example: pages visited; the pages that interest you and how long you spent on those pages; and behaviour on certain pages of our Website (clicks, keystrokes, scrolling, etc.);

  • test different features during your visits to our Website to improve your experience.

Advertising personalisation and improvement cookies

Advertising personalisation and improvement cookies allow us to optimise the ads relating to our Platform, whether they are communication we send you, ads that third parties send you about us or ads you have seen about us. We use them to:

  • send ads tailored to your profile. For example, depending on your use of our Platform, these Cookies allow us to offer you personalised content or avoid sending you ads that do not concern you;

  • monitor the performance of our ads to improve their quality. For example, these Cookies allow us to know which Users have carried out specific actions on the Platform after having clicked on or seen one of our ads.

If you block these Cookies, the content and ads offered to you by Getaround and third party sites will be less relevant.

List of partners

The following Getaround partners store Cookies on your device and can therefore use your data. For more information, the links to their privacy policies are set out below:

How can you manage your Cookie settings?


When you visit our Platform, a banner is displayed asking if you accept or refuse the use of certain Cookies. These Cookies will only be activated after your consent and may be configured (except for functional Cookies).

Personalisation or withdrawal of consent

  • Management by our interface

    You can, at any time, change your settings concerning your acceptance or refusal of the use of certain Cookies via our interface .

  • Management by an interprofessional platform

    You can disable certain advertising personalisation and improvement cookies placed by our partners at this address:

  • Management by your Web browser

    You can also control and delete certain HTTP third-party Cookies via your browser settings. Web browsers can use different methods to manage Cookies. The instructions below to configure your browser settings are taken directly from browser developers.
    Microsoft Edge
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari
    Mozilla Firefox

  • Managing your smartphone’s operating system

    You can configure your Cookie settings in your smartphone’s settings.

Please be aware that restricting certain Cookies may affect the functionality of the Website and App and the quality of the Services.

Retention period of your choices and Cookies

The choices you make regarding acceptance or refusal of Cookies are retained for a period of 12 months.

Cookies themselves are retained for no more than 13 months.