Managing my language settings

Article updated on 12/10/2022

Getaround is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

While it’s not possible to set a particular language within your account, you can navigate in your language of choice by following the instructions below.

The App

The app's language is based on the language settings of your phone. If your phone is set to a language that isn't available on Getaround, the app will default to English. For information about how to change your phone's language, please refer to the instructions provided by the phone's manufacturer.

The Website

To view the website in a different language, use the language button at the bottom of the page:


Alternatively, you can click on the URL below that corresponds to your language and country:

Receiving our emails in the wrong language?

You can fix that by logging into the website using the URL of your preferred language and country (see list of URLs above). If it still continues to happen, please let us know.

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