What are the insurance conditions?

Article updated on 31/01/2023

The driver must meet certain conditions for the rental to be insured. It is also your responsibility to check that these conditions are met. The driver must:

1 . Meet the conditions regarding their age and the number of years they have held a driving licence for the category of car they are hiring (view conditions by category). To view the conditions for your vehicle, go to Your cars > Relevant car > View listing, then Conditions required by Getaround.

2 . Pay for the rental using a payment method in their own name.

3 . Both you and the driver must sign the rental agreement.

You are responsible for performing the checks detailed in the rental agreement in a thorough manner. This ensures that conditions 1 and 3 are met. If you do not perform these checks, you will not be covered by Getaround’s insurance or covered by Getaround’s income guarantee if there are any additional costs (compensation, penalty charge notices, etc.).

The driver must also:

4 . Remain in the permitted European countries (view country list).

5 . Not use the vehicle to transport people or goods for commercial purposes (only car-sharing, with the costs being shared, is permitted).

6 . Remain the main driver of the vehicle throughout the rental. The driver may not therefore hire a vehicle for use by another person.

You must cancel the rental if you know that conditions 4 to 6 will not be respected. However, if you are misled by a driver who does not respect all these conditions, the driver will be responsible for all costs in the event of an incident.

What happens if the driver is dishonest and does not respect the insurance conditions?

If the driver provides information that you couldn’t detect to be false, despite performing the required checks, you will be fully covered by Getaround.

Allianz reserves the right to take legal action against the driver.

In which cases could I be denied insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage could be denied if:

  • You don't perform the verifications of the driver's documents. Getaround takes care of this for Getaround Connect rentals

  • You make a false insurance claim

  • You report an incident to Getaround more than 48 hours from the end of the rental

  • The rental contract isn't signed

  • You start or end the rental outside of the planned times without extending it (to start earlier or end later)

  • Your car doesn't have insurance (minimum third party liability coverage required). We advise checking with your insurance providers before listing your car on Getaround to ensure your policy allows car sharing.

  • Your vehicle doesn't pass the MOT safety test

  • Your car isn't properly maintained (certificates can be requested)

  • You accept a payment for all or part of the rental fee outside of Getaround

  • You didn't take pictures at the beginning of the rental (this doesn't apply to Getaround Connect rentals where the pictures are taken by the driver)

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