Understanding the rental price

Article updated on 27/02/2023

The booking price is the price paid by the driver at booking. It does not include extra costs like missing fuel, extra mileage, or penalties.

The booking price is computed with 2 main steps:

  1. Your earnings. This is the base price of the rental.
  2. Additional costs on top of your earnings. Drivers pay for insurance, service fee and options.

1.Your earnings (the base price)

Price per day

You set prices per day in the price calendar of your car. Each date in the calendar has its own price.

You can set prices per day using Variable pricing or Smart Pricing. You can edit the price of a specific date whenever you want using your price calendar.

Access your price calendar by going to Your cars > select the car > “Price” > “Calendar”.


When a car is booked, we add up the prices per day according to the rental dates. This is the first step when calculating the base price.

If a rental spans more dates than its total duration in days, we use the dates that make up most of the rental.

For example, if the rental starts on Friday at 6pm and ends at 6pm on Sunday, we use the prices per day set for Saturday and Sunday.



To stay competitive with professional rental agencies, we automatically apply discounts to the base price.

The discount is calculated according to the duration of the rental:

  • Hourly rental (1-8 hours): The base price for the first hour is 55% of your price per day. Each additional hour increases the base price gradually until the full price per day is reached at 8.5 hours.
  • 1 day rental (8.5-24 hours): The base price is the price per day.
  • 2 days rental or more (24.5 hours +): We apply a discount to the total sum of the prices per day. The discount rate is calculated according to the rental duration in days. Read more about long duration discounts.

Note: our service fee is deducted from your earnings. Go to “Your cars” > select the car > “Price” to find out the service fee rate.

2) Additional costs to the driver

Insurance and roadside assistance

All rentals include insurance and roadside assistance. The price depends on the country, the rental duration, how old the car is, etc.

Our service fee

Drivers pay a service fee. This helps us run our platform.

Additional insurance

Drivers have the option to buy a protection plan. It reduces the excess and better protects the driver if there is an accident.

Mileage package

Drivers have the option to buy additional mileage. Read more about mileage allowances and packages.

Young driver fee

There is a young driver fee if the driver is under 26 years old.

Extra Costs

After the rental, the driver is also charged for any extra mileage, missing fuel or penalties. You are compensated for these extras.

How we calculate your net earnings

1) First, we take your earnings calculated in steps 1 above.

2) Then, we subtract our service fee. This is a fixed percentage of the base price. Go to Your cars> select the car > “Price” to find out the service fee rate.

3) After the rental, we add on any extra costs paid by the driver. We subtract an admin fee or commission from some of these, such as: extra mileage, fuel refill fees (but not the cost of the fuel itself), and certain penalties. More information about adjustments and penalties:

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