Understanding the requirements for cars and owners

Article updated on 11/01/2023

To be accepted on Getaround UK, your vehicle must:

  • Be registered & parked in the UK.

  • Be privately owned, manufactured to carry up to eight passengers and not exceed 3500kg in weight.

  • Vehicles to have a max value of £75,000

  • Be covered by a yearly insurance policy, at least third-party liability insurance.

  • Cars must be less than 12 years old at time of listing.

  • Have up-to-date tax, MOT and insurance.

  • Be between ABI insurance group 1-36 (37 and above not accepted).

  • Have mileage less than 130,000 miles.

  • Residents of the peer-to-peer policy country or business incorporated in the peer to peer policy country (with a billing address in said country - contact details, including telephone number and email address to be obtained at time of membership)

  • Owner to warrant that they have, and will continue to have an existing private insurance policy or commercial insurance policy on the vehicle being rented

  • Lessor (owner) must be aged 18 or over

  • CUE: Lessor must not have 3 or more claims (fault or non-fault) in the last year years

  • CCJ: Lessor must not have any unsatisfied CCJs

  • A car in ABI insurance group 1-15 will be in Economy category

  • A car in ABI insurance group 16-26 will be in the Comfort category

  • A car in ABI insurance group 27-36 will be in the Premium category

Other types of vehicles are not insured: commercial vans, minibusses, buses, caravans, motorbikes, quad bikes, no-license cars, and driving school cars. You can't rent your vehicle on Getaround to tract a trailer either. You wouldn't be covered by our insurance.

We do not accept previous write-offs. Any vehicles that are Cat A, B, S, X, and N are not covered by the Getaround insurance.*

If your car is leased, it usually depends on the type of financing contract, it depends on the financing or leasing company whether you can rent it through Getaround. Some companies allow it, some don’t. You should have the answer in your documents, and you can always contact your financing/leasing company directly if still in doubt.

You must ensure that your current private or commercial insurance remains in force.

  • Cars registered in the peer-to-peer policy country only, cars can be registered in the name of the member or a business i.e. a dealership

  • Confirmation from the owner that MOT has been obtained where required, e.g. vehicles more than 3 years old, and annual servicing to the vehicle has been, and will continue to be, carried out

  • The owner will warrant that Hire Purchase Information (HPI) check has been made on the vehicle to ensure the vehicle hasn’t been a previous total loss or subject to outstanding finance

  • Vehicles are not to exceed nine seats

  • Modified cars are not accepted on the platform, other than those adapted for disabilities. Non-disclosure of a modification could invalidate insurance.

  • Vehicles to be used solely for Social, domestic, and pleasure including commuting. No commercial use of vehicles is permitted unless approved by Insurers in advance

  • Not used in any competition, trial, performance test, race, or trial of speed, including offroad events, whether between motor vehicles or otherwise, and irrespective of whether this takes place on any circuit or track, formed or otherwise, and regardless of any statutory authorisation of any such events

  • No imported or Left-Hand Drive vehicles

As an owner, you must be:

  • The owner of the vehicle - i.e. your name (private individual or legal entity) is on the registration certificate (V5C) as the registered keeper.

  • A UK resident for more than 3 months.

  • At least 18 years old.

  • Without personal bankruptcy or any County Court Judgements (CCJ) during the past 3 years.

If these conditions aren't met, you will not be covered by our insurance and will be responsible for paying all costs in the event of an incident.

NB: Vehicles with significant engine horsepower (such as Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, etc.) or high value (£75,000 or over) are not allowed on the platform due to their excessive insurance risk.

*Previously Cat C and D.

My car is scratched and shabby, can I still hire it out?

You must provide your drivers with a safe, clean vehicle. If your vehicle has scratches or minor damage to the inside, you can still hire it out on Getaround.

However, there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to safety (brakes, tyres, headlamps, seat belts, etc.) and vehicle equipment (e.g. no windows that don't shut properly, no tape on the rear-view mirrors, etc.). If you aren't sure, read our safety checklist.

We don't compromise on cleanliness either: make sure you provide each driver with a clean vehicle (inside and outside).

If you have doubts about the reliability of your car, or if some equipment isn't working correctly, you should decline rental requests.

What are the car quality standards on Getaround?

Here's a list of all the standards you should meet when renting your car. These are here to prevent any trouble, for you, or the driver:

  1. Your calendar needs to be always up-to-date so that drivers have as much information as possible. You will find more information on how to keep your calendar up-to-date here.
  2. You shouldn’t cancel rentals unless it's a force majeure case. However, if you do need to cancel a rental, you will find our cancellation policy here.
  3. Be honest in your description and use quality pictures to show your car. You can find our tips here.
  4. Follow our recommended price, to avoid pricing your car too high or too low (more information here).
  5. You should rent a safe, clean car. The driver is also responsible for giving back a car as clean as the one they got.
  6. Your car should be well maintained. You can find our tips on car maintenance here.
  7. Hand over the car with at least one-quarter of the fuel tank. This also means that the driver should give the car back with as much fuel as when they started their trip.

Can I register several cars?

Of course! As a private owner, you can register up to 2 cars. Start by registering one vehicle to help you understand how the site works, and add another one as you go along. If you wish to hire out more than 2 cars, you'll have to register as a professional.

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