Steps to follow in the event of a stolen car

Article updated on 02/12/2022

If the vehicle is stolen, the theft must be reported to the police within 24 hours. Getaround’s insurance will refund the value of your vehicle as determined by an expert.

Getaround also covers misappropriation, i.e. theft by the driver themselves.

After 24 hours of lateness, you must file a report with the police and declare the theft to Getaround. The whole reporting process takes place online via your web browser (not the mobile app) by going to Your Rentals > [Relevant rental] > Report an incident.

Our claims management department cannot open claim files by phone: the file is opened when you report the incident online.

Meeting the driver in person and checking their identity makes misappropriation highly unlikely. This is why you must be strict about the checks performed at check-in.

For Getaround Connect rentals, these checks will be carefully performed by Getaround.

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