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What are the quality standards on Getaround?

To make sure our drivers have the best experience possible, we require all of our owners to meet certain quality standards.

Our owners are reminded to:

  • Always keep their calendar up to date, and not cancel rentals. If an owner cancels your rental, find out how to find a new car here.
  • Answer your requests as soon as possible. If an owner doesn’t respond, here are our tips on what to do.
  • Use our suggested price system so that their rental prices remain reasonable.
  • Be specific about where their car is parked. You should also remember to return it to where the owner instructs you to (more information here).
  • Provide clean and safe cars (more information here). You should also return the car clean.
  • Give cars with the fuel tank at least ¼ full. You should also return the car with at least as much fuel as at the start.

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