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How does the insurance excess work?

The insurance excess is the maximum you'll pay for repairs if you're responsible for damage to the vehicle you're driving. This amount varies depending on the vehicle category and age of the driver. You can reduce this amount by selecting an excess reduction option (the exception being theft, in which case the full deductible is always charged.)..

The excess applies to damages on the exterior of the car, not on the interior. The "excess reduction" option allows you to reduce the amount thereof.

These options can be added during payment, or at any time before the start of the first rental half-day: go to Your rentals > Relevant rental.

NB: The excess reduction option isn't refundable, you can't remove it once you've booked.

Due to insurance requirements, all drivers 25 years and under are required to pay a young driver's surcharge of £20 per trip.

For example, if you cause £600 worth of damage to a vehicle in the economy category:

  • Without the excess reduction option, the normal excess is £800, which is higher than the cost of the damage. This means you’ll pay the cost of the damage - £600.
  • With the reduced excess option, the excess is reduced to £250 – this means you’ll only pay £250 instead of £600.

The excess reduction options mean you won’t have to pay high costs if you are responsible for an incident. You can add an excess reduction option when you pay for your rental.

However, you can't buy an excess reduction option if the car you're renting is covered by an external insurance and is not insured by Allianz. You can see if your car is insured with Allianz when you choose it: the Allianz logo will show.

The excess reduction options only cover one incident during each rental. If there are two incidents during the same rental, the excess reduction option will apply to the incident with the highest repair costs. In addition, these options do not apply to damage or injury to third parties.

If you have multiple damages during one rental, we will apply one excess per damage (so, for instance, a £800 excess for each damage).

Find out more about how the insurance and the excess reduction options work.

NB: The zero excess option is not available in the UK.

This article contains information specific to a particular country of registration. Refer to the international version of this article for other cases.

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