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My car has just been equipped with Getaround Connect, what happens now?

You will receive an email asking you to enter your bank details. (If you're taking advantage of a special offer, your account will not be debited until the free period has ended.)

Once you have entered your bank details, our teams will activate Getaround Connect for your vehicle. You will then receive an email with the user instructions for Getaround Connect.

Find out more about the subscription.

Go to Your cars, then select the vehicle equipped with Getaround Connect and click on View on Getaround Connect. This will take you to your Getaround Connect space, where you can:

  • Complete the walk-around inspection report for your vehicle.
  • Unlock and lock your vehicle using your smartphone.
  • Locate your vehicle (outside rental periods).
  • Change the times at which the driver can access your car.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

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