Guide to cancellations

If you cancel a rental:

When you accept a rental, you commit to providing a car to the driver. As a consequence, fees may apply if you cancel. The amount of these fees depends on when you cancel the rental:

  • 25€/£ if you cancel more than 48 hours before the rental
  • 50€/£ if you cancel less than 48 hours before the rental
  • 100€/£ if you cancel at the last minute (you don’t show up to the check-in or you leave your Getaround Connect car locked by key)

In case of repeated and/or unjustified cancellations, measures can be taken up to suspending your account.

If the driver cancels a rental:

If the driver cancels at the last minute, you may be eligible for compensation depending on the circumstances.

You are not entitled to compensation if:

  • The driver cancels within the grace period (more than 48 hours before the rental, or within one hour after they booked).
  • The rental is cancelled due to a case of force majeure.
  • The rental is cancelled because of technical issues or because the driver’s profile couldn’t be verified.
  • You are responsible for the cancellation (your car is no longer available, the driver cannot access it or it won’t start, you fail to show up for the check-in, etc.).

If a compensation does apply, the amount you receive depends on the timing of the cancellation:

  • Less than 48 hours before the rental: you receive one half of your expected earnings. The driver receives a partial refund.
  • After the rental was supposed to start: you are paid in full. The driver receives no refund.

To cancel a rental, go to Your Rentals > select the rental > Cancel the rental.

Fees and/or refunds are calculated automatically upon cancellation, but you have the option to contest them under certain conditions.

You can also opt to waive your compensation as a gesture to the driver.

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