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How do I get my profile verified?

You must have your profile verified before you can start your rental.

Once you’ve confirmed your booking, you’ll be able to start your profile verification. You can do this via your trip page, with the "Verify my profile" link.

In order to verify your profile, you will need to:

  • Check that your personal information is accurate. Your birth date, licence number, date of first issue, and all the information in your account needs to match your ID and licence.

  • Upload photos of your original ID (front and back)

  • Upload photos of your original licence (front and back)

  • Take a selfie.

If you’re in the UK, we’ll also need your national insurance number and postcode to check your driving history with the DVLA.

Please note that we only accept original documents to verify your profile. Declarations of loss or photocopies won’t be accepted.

We try to verify all profiles as soon as possible, but profile verification can take up to 24 hours so we advise you to start the verification process right after booking.

After you’ve submitted your documents, we’ll let you know if your profile is verified, or if you need to submit additional documents.

NB: Your profile verification will automatically expire after one year, in this case you will need to submit a new verification.

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