Guide to renting on Getaround

Article updated on 19/11/2021

On Getaround, there are two types of rentals:

  • Getaround Connect rentals: Unlock the car using your smartphone, without having to meet the owner. Get going in just a few minutes!

  • Non-Getaround Connect rentals: Meet the owner of the car, who will check your documents and give you the keys directly.

First, you’ll need to create an account: it’s free and quick to set up. Fill in the necessary information such as your name, driving licence number, and date of issue.

Once your account is set up, you can rent a car in just a few steps:

  1. Search for a car: Use your current location or enter an address or train station where you’ll need a car. You can also set filters for certain types of cars or features you need.

  2. Select a car: If you choose a car with Instant Booking, your booking is automatically confirmed. Otherwise, send a request to the owner to confirm your rental.

  3. Verify your profile: For your first rental on Getaround, we need to verify your profile before you can pick up the car. Find more details about profile verification here.

  4. Pick up the car: If it’s an Getaround Connect rental, unlock the car with your phone and the keys will be inside. For a non-Getaround Connect rental, meet the owner to get the keys.

  5. Return the car: Drive the car back to the agreed location with the same level of fuel it had at the start. For Getaround Connect rentals, leave the keys inside the car and lock the door with your phone.

  6. Review the car and your trip: You’ll be able to leave a public review as well as send private feedback to the owner.

Instant Booking

With Instant Booking, you can book a car immediately without having to wait for the owner’s confirmation. Vehicles that allow Instant Booking appear in search results with a lightning bolt symbol. You can also filter your search to only see these vehicles.

We require owners with Instant Booking activated to always keep their calendar up to date. If you book one of these cars, your rental is automatically confirmed.

Getaround Connect Rentals

Making a booking

To rent on Getaround Connect, all you need is your smartphone. Simply search and select the car you wish to rent, ensure it meets your requirements, and proceed to pay and book instantly.

Once the rental is confirmed

Go to your Getaround Connect rental to verify your profile (from Your Rentals or your confirmation email). This step is necessary for your first rental with Getaround, or if you already rented but updated personal infomation (name, licence number, birth date etc).

The day of the rental

Go to Your Rentals > Click on the rental > Locate the vehicle. You can locate the car 1 hour before the beginning of the rental. (Note: You won’t be able to begin your rental until the exact start time of your booking).

Once there, you'll be required to:

  1. Take pictures of the car
  2. Unlock the car.
  3. Retrieve the keys from inside the car.
  4. Indicate the fuel level.

During the rental

Use the car with the keys, as you normally would (to unlock, lock it, and start it).

End of the rental

  1. Return the car with the same level of fuel as at check-in.
  2. Put the keys back inside in the dedicated pouch.
  3. Go back on the Getaround app and take pictures of the car.
  4. Declare any damage or problem that happened during the rental and lock the car using the app.

If you don’t lock the car with your smartphone, it will remain open! Any trouble caused by not closing the car will be sustained against you. In case of problems, contact the owner directly.

Non-Getaround Connect Rentals

Once you’ve confirmed and paid for the rental, follow these steps to make sure it runs smoothly:

  • Arrive at check-in on time.
  • Go ahead and show all the required documents to the owner (for a Getaround Connect rental, all these checks are performed by Getaround ahead of time): your original driving licence, as well as the payment method in your own name. If you have a foreign licence, additional documents may be required.
  • Complete the rental agreement with the owner and sign it.
  • If you are a smoker, or you want to take a pet with you, make sure the owner has agreed to this – otherwise, a fee will be applied.
  • Don’t forget to fill up the fuel tank at the end, before you return the vehicle to the owner, to make sure it has the same amount of fuel as it had at check-in.
  • Return the vehicle as clean as it was when you received it – and if you’ve made a bit of a mess, clean it up before handing the vehicle back to the owner.
  • When you return the vehicle, complete the rental agreement again, make any updates for mileage or fuel with the owner if necessary, and sign the agreement.
  • Review the rental to share your experience and help future drivers select a vehicle on Getaround.
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