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What will I pay if I damage the owner’s vehicle?

If any damage occurs during your rental, the repair costs above the excess will be covered by Getaround’s insurance. You’ll need to report any damage immediately to the owner, and they will then report the damage to Getaround, so the insurance can take over.

If you don’t report damage during a Getaround Connect rental, you’ll be charged an additional management fee.

NB: Please be aware that if you don’t respect our conditions, you might be denied insurance coverage.


If you’re responsible for the damage or if no guilty third party is identified

In this case, you’ll have to pay for the repair costs, up to the amount of your excess. If you paid for the excess reduction option, the amount you will have to pay will be reduced.

For instance, if your excess is £800 and the damage costs £1200 to repair, you will only pay £800. But if the damage costs £500 to repair, you will pay £500.

In the event of multiple incidents that are unrelated, one excess will be applied per incident. If you have taken the excess reduction option, we will apply the reduced excess to the highest value claim and a full excess on the additional claim(s).

For instance, if the first damage costs 500€ and the second damage costs 300€, you'll be charged 250€ for the first and 300€ for the second.

The excess amount depends on the country you’re renting in and on the car category. Find the excess per category here.

If you’re not responsible for the damage

Our insurer, Allianz, is in charge of deciding liability in case of damage. If their report concludes that you weren’t responsible for the damage, you won’t have to pay anything.

NB: In some cases, we debit the amount of your excess as a precaution while liability is being decided. We promptly refund you once Allianz confirms you're not liable. In all cases, our team will keep you updated.

Management fees

If you and the owner reach an amicable settlement, no fees will be applied.

However, as soon as Getaround is required to intervene to handle an incident, you’ll be charged a fee.

  • If you didn’t pay for an excess option: you will be charged a £60 fee
  • If you paid for the reduced excess option: you will be charged a £30 fee
  • If you paid for the zero excess option: no fee will be applied.

In the case of a Getaround Connect rental, if you damage the car and don't report it, you'll be charged an additional £90.

Finally, in the case of an at-fault accident with a third party that hasn’t been declared to the owner or to Getaround, a £382 third-party insurance claim management fee will apply.

This article contains information specific to a particular country of registration. Refer to the international version of this article for other cases.

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