Guide to fuel adjustments

Article updated on 21/11/2022

The rental prices on the website don't include fuel costs.

Hirers must therefore return your vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had at the start of the rental. You're not required to provide the vehicle with a full tank, but this does make things easier when checking the gauge at the end.

Your vehicle is required to have at least a quarter of a tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental, to get the rental started.

If the driver returns the car with a lower level of gas, you can proceed to an adjustment for classic rentals. For Getaround Connect rentals the fuel adjustment will be done automatically if your car is compatible.

Electric vehicles: For the moment, we can’t process adjustments for electric vehicles. Thanks for your patience as we work on this in the near future!

Rentals with key exchange

  • If you used a mobile agreement: the price update at the end of the rental must be applied when the check-out agreement is signed on the mobile app. Enter the mileage at the end of the rental, enter the estimated amount if there is a difference in the fuel level (based on the usual cost of a full tank) then confirm the price update after the driver has signed the agreement.

  • If you used a paper agreement: after the end of the rental, go to the relevant rental page, then click on ‘Price update (fuel, distance)’. You can then report the number of miles travelled and an estimated amount if the fuel level is different (based on the usual cost of a full tank) before confirming the update.

Getaround Connect rentals

On Getaround Connect, you don’t have to request a price update for distance or fuel at the end of the rental – it’s all read by the Getaround Connect box, then calculated and updated automatically.

Is my vehicle compatible with automatic adjustments?

If your vehicle is compatible you will have received an email from Getaround to let you know that adjustments will now be done automatically! Unfortunately, not all types of vehicle allow automatic detection of the fuel level, but we’re working on it! In this case, only the mileage adjustments will be done automatically. You can sign in to your account, go to the relevant rental page, then click on ‘Price update (fuel)’ to make a fuel adjustment.

How are automatic adjustments calculated?

If the driver returns the car with a significantly different fuel level (either more or less than 5%), we calculate the difference and charge or refund the driver automatically, based on the size of the car's tank and a fixed price per litre:

Petrol Diesel
UK 2,30£ 2,15£
France 2,35€ 2,40€
Belgium 2,40€ 2,55€
Germany 2,50€ 2,60€
Austria 2,20€ 2,50€
Spain 2,20€ 2,35€
Norway kr 28,55 kr 29,60

These are based on the high end of the fuel market to make sure that you get compensated if the driver gives the car back with less fuel than at the start. The size of your tank is detected automatically. If you think it is incorrect, please contact us.

Additionally, you will be be compensated £0,20 per missing litre for the refill service. Please note that this compensation only applies to vehicles with automatic adjustments.

How is the driven distance adjusted?

If the driver travels further than expected, they are automatically charged for the additional miles based on the price per mile set by Getaround. And if they didn’t travel as far? Nothing changes – the unused miles are not refunded.

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