What do I do if I travel further than the included mileage or return the vehicle with a different fuel level?

Based on the length of your rental, a certain mileage is already included in the price.

For each day of rental, 120 miles are included in the price, and there's a maximum of 720 miles per rental (more information on mileage inclusion here)

For rentals lasting 8 hours or less, 24 miles are included for the first hour, with an additional 12 miles for each hour after that.

At the end of the rental, the price will be updated if you've travelled further than the included mileage, or if the fuel is not at the same level as it was at check-in.

You've got 48 hours after check-out to request a price update. After that, you'll be required to make arrangements directly with the owner.

How do I update the price?

If you are using a paper agreement, go to our website, then Your rentals > [relevant rental] > ‘Request a price update (fuel)'. This is available up to 48 hours after check-out.

  • If you're updating the price using a mobile agreement, make sure that the owner selects ‘Proceed with update’ once the agreement has been signed.

  • Note that for most vehicles on Getaround Connect, price updates are applied automatically based on the distance and fuel level read by the Getaround Connect box, without you having to do anything. You’ll simply get an email at the end of the rental saying that the price has been updated.

NB: However, if you don’t use all of the included mileage, you won’t receive any money back at the end of the rental. The miles included in the rental price are non-refundable.

If you feel you have been unfairly charged, you have 24 hours to challenge any fees applied.

If there is an automatic fuel adjustment for an Getaround Connect rental, the price per litre is fixed by Getaround:

Petrol Diesel
UK £1.55 £1.45
France €1.60 €1.45
Belgium €1.60 €1.55
Germany €1.55 €1.25
Austria €1.25 €1.15
Spain €1.40 €1.20

If your Getaround Connect rental is one where the fuel level isn't read automatically, you can request an adjustment on the website, via Your rentals > [relevant rental] > ‘Request a price update (fuel)’. You have 48 hours after check-out to request the adjustment.

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