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How do I review a rental?

Reviews are important on Getaround. They provide peace of mind when you're choosing a car.

After the end of the rental, you have fourteen days to leave a review.

To make sure your review is objective, it can’t be seen by the owner or publicly viewed until the owner has submitted their review of you. As soon as the owner has reviewed you, you’ll be able to read their review of you, and your review will also be made public.

Go to Your rentals > Relevant rental, where you will see the ‘Review’ section. You can give a separate rating for:

  • The owner (reactivity, availability)
  • The vehicle (whether it matches the listing: equipment, description, etc.)

You will then be able to leave a general comment of 500 words maximum, which will be published on the owner’s profile fourteen days after the end of the rental, at the same time as their review of you is published. Once it has been published, the review cannot be modified.

Important: The safety of our users is a priority for us. You can report any dangerous vehicles when completing the review by clicking on ‘Report a safety problem with this vehicle’. Our teams will then carry out checks for this vehicle.

NB: Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove any abusive comments published on Getaround, and anyone writing such comments could be banned from the platform.

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