Guide to breakdowns and malfunctions

Article updated on 02/12/2022

All the vehicles are covered by Getaround’s roadside assistance service. In the event of a breakdown, the driver should contact the 24/7 roadside assistance service. The procedure to follow is described on the Roadside assistance page. The roadside assistance service will make arrangements for the vehicle if it cannot be driven. There are two possibilities:

  • The vehicle can be repaired quickly: the driver can continue their journey with the vehicle. In this case, you will be asked to provide written approval for the repairs so they can be carried out.
  • The vehicle cannot be repaired quickly: the driver continues their journey as arranged by the roadside assistance service, and leaves the car at the garage. You will be contacted by the roadside assistance service to organise the repairs as well as the return of your vehicle.

Payment of repair costs

In the event of a breakdown, the repair costs are:

  • The driver’s responsibility if the driver uses the vehicle incorrectly during the rental, for example: misfuelling, running out of petrol, etc.
    If you suspect that the driver has used the vehicle incorrectly, you have to appoint an expert at your own cost. If the expert determines that the driver was responsible for the breakdown, the driver has to pay the repair costs and the expenses relating to the expert assessment.

  • Your responsibility: if the driver drives normally and a mechanical or electronic fault occurs.


  • A £90 management fee will applied to the owner if the breakdown was due to a car fault. A £200 management fee will be applied to the driver if the breakdown was caused by misuse of the vehicle.

  • Do not put your drivers in danger: do not list your car until you have had the necessary checks carried out by an approved mechanic. More information can be found in our safety checklist.

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