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What are the car quality standards on Getaround?

Here's a list of all the standards you should meet when renting your car. These are here to prevent any trouble, for you, or the driver:

  1. Your calendar needs to be always up-to-date, so that drivers have as much information as possible. You will find more information on how to keep your calendar up-to-date here.
  2. You shouldn’t cancel rentals, unless it's a force majeure case. However, if you do need to cancel a rental, you will find our cancellation policy here.
  3. Be honest in your description and use quality pictures to show your car. You can find our tips here.
  4. Follow our recommended price, to avoid pricing your car too high or too low (more information here).
  5. You should rent a safe, clean car. The driver is also responsible for giving back a car as clean as the one they got.
  6. Your car should be well maintained. You can find our tips on car maintenance here.
  7. Hand over the car with at least one quarter of the fuel tank. This also means that the driver should give the car back with as much fuel as when they started their trip.

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