Understanding Getaround Connect

Article updated on 28/09/2022

How does the Getaround Connect subscription work?

The Getaround Connect subscription costs £17 per month (including VAT) for the first car. It then costs £17 per month (including VAT) for each additional car. You’ll make a profit from your very first rental!

For professional owners, the subscription costs £17 per month (including VAT) for all cars.

For your first equipped vehicle, we offer 1 month of the subscription for free in order to give you a hassle-free introduction to Getaround Connect. (Please note that this offer is available only for private owners.)

There is no minimum duration for the subscription: it will be cancelled as soon as the Getaround Connect device is removed from your vehicle. This article explains the procedure.

The amount of the subscription will be automatically deducted from your earnings. If they do not cover the monthly subscription cost, you will be charged by direct debit.

NB : the subscription fee is due for each month that has started.

Can I still use the car for my own personal use?

Of course! When your vehicle is not out on hire, you just use your vehicle normally (with the keys).

The only requirement for Getaround Connect is that you lock and unlock your car using your smartphone, before and after each rental:

  • Before the rental, put your keys inside your car, then lock your car with your smartphone.

  • After the rental, unlock your car with your smartphone, then collect the keys. You will then be able to unlock, start and lock your vehicle normally, using your car keys.

Is there a higher risk of theft with Getaround Connect?

Your car will be locked by the driver after each rental, and unlocked by the following driver via the app.

When your car is locked with the Getaround Connect technology, the ignition immobiliser activates automatically. Therefore, if someone opens your car without using the Getaround Connect technology, the ignition immobiliser stays on. Meaning, even with a key, it wouldn’t be possible to start the car.

The Getaround Connect technology also allows you to locate your vehicle at any time except during a live rental.

Please note, there will always be a risk that a car might be stolen, we can not guarantee your car’s safety.

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