Refilling the fuel tank

Article updated on 29/03/2023

Fuel rules

Fuel costs are not included in the rental price. You must therefore return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had at the start of the rental.

  • If the fuel level is lower at check-out, the owner can make an adjustment to be compensated for the difference.

  • If the fuel level is higher at check-out, you can make an adjustment yourself, if the owner didn't take care of it for you.

How do I update the price?

If you are using a paper agreement, go to our website, then Your rentals > [relevant rental] > ‘Request a price update (fuel)'. This is available up to 48 hours after check-out.

If you're updating the price using a mobile agreement, make sure that the owner selects ‘Proceed with update’ once the agreement has been signed.

Getaround Connect Rentals

The driven distance is automatically calculated by the device inside the car. There is no need to make note of the car’s mileage.

Depending on whether the car is compatible or not, the fuel level will also be recorded automatically by our device. If the car isn't compatible, you will need to input the fuel level manually at check-in and check-out. For rentals with automatic fuel readings, you’ll only be charged or refunded for fuel if the difference between the fuel level at checkin and checkout is more than 5%.

If you underestimated the distance you wanted to do or if you give the car back with a different fuel level than at the start, an adjustment will be made after the rental (more information here).

For automatic fuel adjustments, the price per liter of fuel is fixed at:

Petrol Diesel
UK 1,95£ 2,30£
France 2,35€ 2,25€
Belgium 2,25€ 2,15€
Germany 2,30€ 2,25€
Austria 2,00€ 2,00€
Spain 2,05€ 1,95€
Norway kr 27,80 kr 25,40

Additionally, you will be charged £0.60 per missing litre for the refill service.

If your Getaround Connect rental is one where the fuel level isn't read automatically, you can request an adjustment on the website, via Your rentals > [relevant rental] > ‘Request a price update (fuel)’. You have 48 hours after check-out to request the adjustment.

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