Managing my car addresses and delivery

Article updated on 24/11/2021

You can select up to 3 key locations (train stations or airports) near where your car is parked.

Your car will show in these locations, in addition to the listing's regular address. Then, drivers looking for a car near your local airport or train station will be shown your listing. You'll be required to drop your car off at the location the driver picked.

Instant Booking won't be activated unless the driver selects your car's main address, like this you have the option to decide whether to accept or decline to drop the vehicle off at the requested time. Drivers won't be able to book a car with less than 1 day's notice, or if they're planning a rental with a duration of less than 2 days. Like this you'll have time to park the car at the right station or airport.

NB: This feature isn't available for Getaround Connect cars, as you don't bring the car to the driver.

Where should my Getaround Connect car be parked?

In order to work, the Getaround Connect box needs to be somewhere with an internet coverage so your car should not be parked in an underground car park. Also, the car needs to be parked somewhere accessible on foot by the driver, and not in a restricted car park (badge or key fob access).

At the end of the rental, the driver should park the car where they found it, if possible. If you don't have a reserved parking space, don't forget to fill out the return instructions: this is where you'll be able to tell the driver where to leave the car.

To add your return instructions, go to Your Cars > Manage your listing > Rental instructions.

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