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How does a traditional rental work?

Once you’ve confirmed and paid for the rental, follow these steps to make sure it runs smoothly:

  • Arrive at check-in on time.
  • Go ahead and show all the required documents to the owner (for a Getaround Connect rental, all these checks are performed by Getaround ahead of time): your original driving licence, as well as the payment method in your own name. If you have a foreign licence, additional documents may be required.
  • Complete the rental agreement with the owner and sign it.
  • If you are a smoker, or you want to take a pet with you, make sure the owner has agreed to this – otherwise, a fee will be applied.
  • Don’t forget to fill up the fuel tank at the end, before you return the vehicle to the owner, to make sure it has the same amount of fuel as it had at check-in.
  • Return the vehicle as clean as it was when you received it – and if you’ve made a bit of a mess, clean it up before handing the vehicle back to the owner.
  • When you return the vehicle, complete the rental agreement again, make any updates for mileage or fuel with the owner if necessary, and sign the agreement.
  • Review the rental to share your experience and help future drivers select a vehicle on Getaround.

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