Entering my personal information

Article updated on 12/05/2022

On Getaround, you must enter the correct personal details, as they are used to generate the rental agreement. Your account is specific to you, so you can’t let a friend or family member use it for a rental – they need to create their own account.

At check-in, the owner compares the details entered on the agreement to the details on your licence and bank card. If they don’t match, the owner will have to refuse the rental in accordance with our insurance conditions.

There are however a few exceptions:

  • If your maiden name on your licence is different from your last name on your bank card, you must show proof of your maiden name and married name to the owner at check-in.

  • If your last name has been shortened, on your bank card for example, you must show an additional identity document with your full name to the owner at check-in.

To update your first name, last name, date of birth, licence number or any other personal details, go to Your account > Modify your profile. Your profile can be modified at any time, as long as this does not affect whether or not you meet the vehicle rental conditions.

NB: If your profile is verified and you then make a change, our teams will have to verify your profile again. You should take the time needed to do this into account when booking future rentals.

Entering your driving license details

When booking a car, it’s important that you provide accurate information about your driving licence.

1. The licence number

On most European licences, you can find your licence number in section 5:


2. The date of first issue

On most European licences, you can find the date of issue on the back of the licence, in section 10B.

Be careful: This date isn’t the same as the date on which your licence was physically printed. We need the date on which you obtained your 10B vehicle licence.


For foreign licences, you must enter the date on which you obtained your B licence (or equivalent).

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