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How does the multi-day discount work?

In order to remain competitive with professional rental agencies, we automatically apply multi-day discounts for rentals longer than 1 day.

The multi-day discount rates are as follows:

  • 5% for 2 day rentals

  • 15% for 1 week rentals

  • 30% for 30-day rentals.

The price per extra mile will remain the same. More information on mileage here.

Getaround will automatically apply discounts for each rental duration that exceeds 1 day.

You have the ability to modify your price per day and can adjust this for peak periods, where you anticipate that more drivers will be interested in your car (think weekends, bank holidays). However, the multi-day discount and the price per mile are fixed and can not be altered.

You can edit your daily price in Your cars > Manage your listing > Price.

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