How can I improve my acceptance rate?

A response is good, but a YES is even better!

Your acceptance rate (accepted rental requests out of the total rental requests received) plays an important role in ranking your listing in the search results. We can't offer cars from owners who decline requests too often, as renters wouldn’t be satisfied. For this reason, we give greater exposure to owners who frequently accept rentals, in order to maximise the chances of drivers looking for a car.

Here are some tips to improve your acceptance rate:

1. Update your calendar

Indicate that your car is available on specific dates. You will then receive requests only when you and your car are available. If you have any doubts, list your car as unavailable and change its availability when your plans are clearer.

2. Specify your rental conditions

This will stop you receiving requests that don't suit you. You can specify:

  • Rental duration: if you don’t think it’s worth hiring out your car for just one day, set a minimum rental duration of two days.

  • Booking limits: if you don't like receiving last-minute requests, you can set your criteria to specify a minimum notice period of 48 hours before the start of the rental.

3. Check your prices

Our prices use a sliding scale of reduced rates for longer rentals. Check that the sliding scale suits you, and if not, modify it (Your cars > Manage your listing > Price). This way, you can avoid declining requests because you aren't satisfied with the amount you would earn. You should make sure you are happy with all the price settings for your listings to ensure you accept as many rentals as possible.

4. Accept coinciding requests

If you receive several rental requests for the same dates, go ahead and accept all of them. The driver who pays first will confirm the rental, and the other requests will be cancelled automatically without your acceptance rate being affected.

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