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What should I do when I receive a rental request?

When you receive a rental request, you have two options:

  • Accept the request only if you can hand over the keys at the time and place requested. If you accept rentals that you cannot fulfil, your vehicle will go down in the search results. Once you have accepted the request, the driver has to pay to confirm the rental.

  • Decline the request if the request, or the check-in time or place does not suit you. If your car is not available for the period requested, update your calendar.

If you need more information before responding to a request, contact the driver by phone or text message.

NB: You will be informed by email and text message if the driver confirms the rental. You will receive a checklist with the various steps to follow to prepare for the rental. There is a possibility that the driver won't confirm the rental, as most drivers contact several owners before making their decision. For this reason, if you receive several rental requests for the same dates, we recommend accepting all of them. The first driver who pays will be able to hire your car.

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