Fixing a damaged clutch

Article updated on 15/11/2021

If the clutch is not working properly, drivers should call the roadside assistance.

Repairs after a breakdown are not covered by our insurance. It is your responsibility to maintain your vehicle.

If the faulty clutch is the driver's responsibility, repairs may be covered by our insurance. In that case, you need to hire an expert to provide a written report to that effect. In this case, you will be covered for part of the repairs and the cost of the expert.

We cover clutch repairs if your car is less than 5 years old (or if the clutch was repaired by a factory certified mechanic). You will be covered according to the clutch wear. If your clutch had a life expectancy of 100,000 miles and the driver damaged it while it had done 75,000 miles, you will be covered for one quarter of the repair costs.

If we have no information on the clutch life expectancy, we will assume a life expectancy of 100,000 miles.

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