Guide to the security deposit

Article updated on 04/05/2022

When you book a car on Getaround, a security deposit is blocked at the time of payment. The amount of this deposit depends on the car category and the details of your rental. It is displayed on the booking page and can be lowered by choosing either the "Plus" or "Premium" protection plan (when available).

The security deposit is automatically released 5 days after the end of your rental, provided no incident has been reported by the owner of the vehicle. In case of cancellation, the security deposit is released immediately. Please note that some banks can take an additional 5-7 days before showing the released deposit on your account.

The deposit may be debited in the event of damages to the vehicle or to cover additional fees such as late return, extra mileage, or cleaning fees.

If the vehicle's owner reports an incident, the security deposit will be blocked for a few additional days to give our team enough time to investigate and make an informed decision. You will be notified by email if this is the case.

To find the release date of your deposit, please refer to the rental page in the app.

Should I give the owner a deposit cheque?

The owner should never ask you for a deposit cheque, all payments go through Getaround directly.

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