Guide to mileage adjustments

Article updated on 04/07/2022

Each rental automatically includes mileage based on the length of the rental. If the driver exceeds their mileage allowance, you’ll get compensated at the end of the rental.

Included mileage

Duration Included mileage
1 hour 24 mi
2 hours - 8 hours + 12 mi per hour
1 day (from 9 hours) 120 mi
2 days 240 mi
3 days 360 mi
4 days 480 mi
5 days 600 mi
6 days 660 mi
7 days 720 mi
8 days 780 mi
9 days 840 mi
10 days 900 mi
11 days 960 mi
12 days 1020 mi
13 days 1080 mi
14 days 1140 mi
15 days - 30 days 1200 mi

Mileage packages and adjustments

If the driver plans to drive further than the included mileage during the rental, they can buy a mileage package at a lower price to increase their mileage allowance.

If the driver exceeds their mileage allowance, they have to pay an adjustment for the extra miles after the rental.

You receive a share of the amount the driver pays for each mile driven that exceeds the mileage allowance. The amount depends on the category of your car:

Category Cars Vans
Eco 0.16£ per mi 0.23£ per mi
Comfort 0.17£ per mi 0.25£ per mi
Premium 0.27£ per mi 0.30£ per mi

To find out the category of your cars, go to Your cars > [Select the relevant car] > Your conditions.

*Cars = City, Sedan, Family, 4x4, Convertible, Coupé, Antique, SUV
Vans = Commercial, Minibus, Campervan

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