Reporting an accident or damage

If your vehicle is involved in an incident during a Getaround rental, you have 2 days to report the incident at the end of the rental. Take a look at our article about the difference between wear and tear, and damage.

If the damage report indicates a friendly resolution, option A, please note that Getaround won't be able to intervene.

Online reporting

The whole reporting process takes place online via your web browser (not the mobile app) by going to Your Rentals > [Relevant rental] > Customer Service tab > Incident report > Report an incident.

Our claims management department cannot open claim files by phone: the file is opened when you report the incident online.

Be careful - an incomplete file will slow down our processing time: you can speed up the processing of your file by attaching all available documents when you first submit your report (signed damage report, signed rental agreement, vehicle registration certificate, etc.).

File processing

You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your report has been submitted. We can inform you about the processing of your file once we have heard back from our insurer.

We will respond within 10 working days to inform you of the status of your file, and any steps to be taken regarding your vehicle.

Vehicle repairs

Depending on your file, we will offer one of the following two solutions:

  • Repair by a third-party mechanic: you obtain a quote from a mechanic of your choice and send it to us for validation. Once the quote has been approved, the mechanic can proceed with the repairs.
  • Expert assessment: the insurer may appoint an expert to examine your vehicle and oversee the repairs.


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