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What should I do if the driver returns the car late?

The driver should inform you as soon as possible if they think they are going to be late returning the car.

  • If the delay means the vehicle will be returned outside the insurance cover period (12:00 for a rental ending in the morning, 00:00 for a rental ending in the evening):

    The driver must extend the rental via Getaround to extend the insurance cover.

    If the rental cannot be extended (either because you cannot extend it, or because the payment is declined), the driver must return the car at the time originally agreed for the end of the rental. If they don't do this, contact us before the end of the rental so we can take the necessary action.

  • If the delay remains within the insurance cover period (12:00 for a rental ending in the morning, 00:00 for a rental ending in the evening):

    For long-distance rentals, it can be difficult to estimate the exact time of return (due to traffic jams, etc.), so be understanding with the driver if they inform you that they will be late.

    NB: If you need the driver to be especially punctual when returning the vehicle, let them know in advance. This can avoid unnecessary stress. If the driver is late and you haven’t agreed to extend the rental, you can request compensation.

Details of compensation for late return: 10£ per started hour of lateness. This fee is waived and cannot be claimed if the driver is less than 30 minutes late.

This fee will be charged up to 240£. We remind you that after 24 hours, you must report the vehicle as stolen to the police and inform Getaround.

To submit a request for compensation, go to Your rentals > Completed rentals > Relevant rental > Customer Service tab > Submit a request. You will then have to attach the paper agreement (unless you have completed a mobile agreement or it was a Getaround Connect rental) and let us know that your vehicle was returned late.

You have 48 hours following check-out to contact Getaround and request compensation.

The driver will have to pay the usual rate for extending the rental, as well as any price adjustments.

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