Starting and ending a rental

Article updated on 15/11/2021

For Getaround Connect rentals you do not meet the driver, so Getaround performs the necessary checks.

For a traditional rental, all the drivers must:

  • Be present at check-in
  • Show their original licence (not a photocopy). The main driver’s licence must have the same last name, first name, licence number and 'Valid from' date as on the agreement.
  • Have held their licence for the required number of years and be old enough for the vehicle category. Find out more.
  • Show the bank card used to make the payment, which must have the same last name and first name as on the agreement.

If they have a foreign licence, additional documents may be required. Find out more.

Complete the rental agreement with the driver, carry out the walkaround inspection and make sure the driver signs the agreement.

NB: If one of the elements above is incorrect, you must cancel the rental, as the insurer will refuse to provide cover for the rental if there are any problems. You will receive compensation in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Can I accept a lost/stolen licence report instead of the original?

If the driver can’t show you the original copy of their driving licence, you must cancel the rental.

You will receive compensation in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Should I ask for a security deposit?

No. Getaround will take care of debiting the driver in case of additional charges during the rental. You should not ask the driver for a deposit.

Can someone other than the driver come to pick up the car?

No, only the driver who booked and paid for the rental can pick up the car.

At check-in, you must carry out identity checks, which require the driver to be present. So you can’t have a situation where Peter registers, Paul pays and Jack comes to pick up the car. Do not hand over the keys unless all the rental agreement conditions are met. If you do, you will not be covered by our insurance. Do not hand over the keys before the scheduled rental start time without first modifying the rental on Getaround.

This means:

  • You must not let a friend come and pick up the car instead of the person who contacted you through the website.
  • You must not let a partner, parent or friend pay instead of the main driver, even if the main driver is also present at check-in.
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