Guide to instant booking

Article updated on 23/08/2022

Instant Booking allows you to save time! You no longer have to approve rental requests: the driver selects your car and proceeds directly to the rental booking and payment stage. You will be notified each time a driver books and pays for your car.

Once Instant Booking has been activated, a lightning bolt symbol will appear next to your car in the search results.

Please note that only owners with at least two active cars on our platform are able to use the "Instant Booking" feature.

How does it work?

  • You can activate Instant Booking for Your Cars > Activate instant booking.

  • The driver selects your car from the search results and proceeds immediately to the payment, without you having to approve the rental. This means it is essential to keep your calendar up to date and make sure your rental conditions are correct ahead of time so you don’t waste your own time, or that of your drivers.

  • You can deactivate Instant Booking whenever you like by going to settings for your car. Here, you can also personalise the message that is sent to the driver when the booking is made. However, you can't deactivate Instant Booking if you have an Getaround Connect car.

NB: We carefully monitor the cancellation rate for cars with Instant Booking to guarantee an optimum rental experience. If you cancel too many bookings, we will deactivate Instant Booking for your car.

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