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How do I set my rental price?

You decide on the the rental price of your vehicle. To set a price, use the + and - buttons on the registration form to select the recommended prices for your vehicle.

If you are a new owner on the website, you should consider setting a price that is slightly lower than average to attract renters, who usually prefer owners who already have reviews. You can increase your prices later on.

The price you choose is a reference price from which we’ll calculate what the driver will pay, and what you’ll earn. Please note that setting an average price of £37 per day does not mean that the renter will pay £37 per day.

Depending on the length of the rental, a certain amount of mileage is automatically included in the price. Rentals lasting 8 hours or less include 24 miles for the first hour, with an additional 12 miles for each hour after that. Rentals that are 9 hours or longer will include 120 miles per day, with a maximum of 720 miles per rental. To find out more about mileage inclusion, click here.

Getaround collects a share of the rental price to keep the platform running smoothly.

Fuel is not included and must be paid for by the renter.

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