Managing my prices

Article updated on 16/11/2021

To edit your prices, go to “Your cars” > Select the car > “Price.”

You can customise your price settings in several ways:

Set the reference price

This setting is used as a baseline from which we calculate the price of your rentals. However, it does not equal the actual price per day of a given rental, which will vary depending on other factors. Click here to read about how we calculate rental prices.

To increase the likelihood of drivers booking your car, we recommend applying our suggested reference price, which is based on your car’s make, model, and age. If you’re new to Getaround, consider setting a price that’s slightly below the average. This will help attract drivers, who usually prefer renting from owners who already have reviews on their profile.

Set variable calendar prices

Demand for rentals varies from season to season. The calendar price lets you adjust your prices accordingly – a little more expensive in the summer, and a little cheaper for winter months. Click here for more information about setting variable calendar prices.

Save time with Smart Pricing

If you choose to activate Smart Pricing, your prices will be automatically adjusted and updated to match current demand for cars like yours.

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