Installing Getaround Connect

To be equipped with Getaround Connect, vehicles must be:

  • Less than 8 years old with mileage less than 80,000 miles. Once your car reaches 100,000 miles, the Getaround Connect box will be deinstalled.

  • Accessible on foot (e.g. not in a car park with restricted access)

  • In an area with mobile internet coverage (Getaround Connect technology works via the internet)

  • Equipped with a central locking system that opens all the doors

  • Available at least 19 days and 2 weekends per month

  • Parked in London

  • Petrol, diesel or electric. LPG fuelled cars are not compatible with Getaround Connect.

NB: Certain car models respect these conditions but aren't compatible with the Getaround Connect telematics box. Go to this page to check if your car is eligible.

As the owner, you must also meet the following conditions:

  • You must activate Instant Booking on your listing.

  • You must agree to display a Getaround sticker on your car

  • You must have two sets of keys to the car

NB: Please note that you will also have to activate Instant booking on your listing. Find out more about instant booking here.

To make an appointment with an installer near you, click here.

This article contains information specific to a particular country of registration. Refer to the international version of this article for other cases.

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