Preparing for a rental

Article updated on 15/11/2021

What do I need to do before check-in?

1 . Check that your vehicle is in good condition and does not present any safety risks:

  • Up-to-date MOT
  • Tyre check (inflation and wear)
  • Up-to-date service and oil change (battery, oil level, etc.)
  • All the required safety equipment

2 . Then put in your glovebox:

  • A photocopy of your registration certificate
  • A photocopy of your insurance certificate
  • The driver instructions, as well as a blank damage report, which can be found at Your rentals > Relevant rental

3 . If you don't have a smartphone, print the rental agreement before you meet the driver. If not, download the Getaround app to use the mobile agreement.

What do I need to do when I meet the driver?

For a Getaround Connect rental, you do not have to meet the driver. Getaround will perform the necessary checks.

For a traditional rental:

1 . All the drivers must:

  • Be present at check-in.
  • Show their licence (not a photocopy) as well as the bank card used for payment.
  • Have held their licence for the required number of years and be old enough for the vehicle category (Find out more).
  • If they have a foreign licence, additional documents may be required. (Find out more).

2 . Check that the licence and bank card have:

  • The same last names and first names as on the agreement.
  • The same numbers and expiry dates.

3 . Complete the rental agreement with the driver, carry out the walkaround inspection and make sure the driver signs the agreement.

NB: If any of the elements above are unfulfilled or incorrect, the insurer can refuse to cover the rental if there are any problems.

What do I need to do at the end of the rental?

If a driver is planning to return later than planned, they must modify their rental request so that our insurer can extend the cover period. During check-out, complete the rental agreement again with the driver, enter the number of miles actually travelled, as well as the level of fuel, so that Getaround can update the price if necessary. Finally, check that the driver signs the rental agreement.

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