Can't make a payment

Article updated on 04/05/2022

There might be a problem for several reasons:

Is your payment method accepted on Getaround?

Have you reached your spending limit?

  • Contact your bank to temporarily raise your spending limit, which you may have reached, especially with the security deposit.

Payment by bank card

Is your payment card still valid?

  • Check that the expiry date hasn’t passed.

Have you entered your payment details correctly?

  • Check that you’ve entered the details of a card in your own name, and that the card number, expiry date and security code (on the back of the card) have been entered correctly.

Did 3D Secure work correctly?

  • Everything linked to 3D Secure (or 3DS) is managed directly by your bank. Make sure your bank is sending the verification text message to the correct phone number. If you have problems with the display of the 3D Secure window, or if your payment fails due to a problem with 3D Secure, contact your bank for assistance.
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