What cases of force majeure could lead to a full refund for the driver following a cancellation?

Article updated on 15/11/2021

We have introduced cancellation conditions to limit the number of last-minute cancellations, and to improve the level of trust on Getaround. However, certain circumstances out of the control of owners and drivers may sometimes prevent them from keeping their booking commitments.

Occasionally, if Getaround decides that a driver’s reason for cancellation constitutes force majeure as defined in the current terms and conditions, it may decide to waive its cancellation policy and refund the driver.

What situations constitute force majeure?

The following are considered to constitute admissible cases of force majeure:

  • The unexpected death or serious illness of the driver or a close family member
  • A serious injury that directly affects the driver’s capacity to fulfil the rental
  • A large-scale natural disaster or severe weather conditions in the place of destination or departure
  • Urgent travel restrictions or security alerts issued by the relevant national or international authority (e.g. by a government ministry or department) after the booking was made
  • Obligations imposed by the authorities (e.g. jury duty) after the booking was made

In these specific cases, you will not receive compensation for the cancelled rental.

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