Managing my payout settings and billing information

Article updated on 29/11/2022

To add or update your billing information, sort code and account number, go to Your account > Payment settings. You’ll need to verify your identity before proceeding.

As a marketplace, we are legally required to verify the identity of our users. This is why we ask for your billing information. Learn more in this article.

For this reason, you will not be able to easily edit your billing information once it is confirmed. If you need to make changes, we will have to check your information again which will delay your future payments.

Why does Getaround need my billing information?

Every country has its own laws when it comes to paying out funds to individuals and companies. These are typically known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations.

KYC regulations require Getaround to collect and maintain information on all owners renting on Getaround. These requirements are intended to prevent abuse of the financial system.

For this reason, Getaround and its payment partner will need to:

  • Collect information about the individual or company receiving funds
  • Verify the information is accurate

To fulfill this requirement, you just need to fill in the information on our platform in Your account > Payment settings. We will then provide this information to our payment provider Stripe, who will verify it.

This may include personal information and a scan of a proof of identity. We may also reach out periodically to confirm that information on your account is still accurate.

We take privacy and security very seriously. Our Privacy Policy explains how and for what purposes we collect, use, retain, disclose, and safeguard any personal data you provide to us.

In which countries can I receive payment?

Getaround is partnered with Stripe, a payment provider. Stripe executes all bank transfers.

Please note that we can only execute payments to bank accounts registered in the same country, i.e. for vehicles registered in the UK, we can only send payment to a bank account registered in the UK (using the sort-code and the account number).

If your bank account isn't located in the UK, you'll be required to open one, otherwise you won't be able to rent your car on Getaround.

Can the driver pay me directly in cash?

No, you must never accept any rentals outside the site, or any cash payments.

In the event of an accident or theft, your vehicle would not be insured by Getaround.

Online payment guarantees your protection. Don't take unnecessary risks by bypassing payment via the website. Drivers that can’t pay online can’t hire your car.

You should not hire out your vehicle to drivers who do not have a bank card, or whose bank card is declined by our payment service provider. Sometimes bank cards are declined, even when the cardholder’s balance is sufficient, due to spending limits or anti-fraud filters.

Cash payments are allowed for adjustments after the rental, if the contract mentions that you can settle with the driver directly.

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