Information for owners regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article updated on 12/01/2022

Article last updated on: 10/02/2021

During this uncertain period, we’re constantly monitoring updates from the authorities and adapting our service in line with their recommendations.

Cleaning guidelines

To help minimise the risk of spreading the virus, follow these guidelines to protect yourself and drivers:

  • Print out this flyer and leave it in your car to remind drivers of proper hygiene practices during their rental. You may want to keep it in a visible spot, such as on the passenger side dashboard.

  • Provide disinfectant wipes in your car for drivers to use on their trip. If you can’t provide them, leave other antiseptic cleaning supplies in the car.

  • Clean and disinfect your car as often as possible. Be especially thorough on frequently touched surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear shift, dashboard, door handles, and keys. When a driver books your car, tell them if it was recently cleaned.

  • Wear protective gear while cleaning your car. Use a face mask and gloves for additional protection. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose until you’ve washed your hands with soap and water.

Upcoming rentals

Following the instructions of the authorities, we urge everyone to limit their trips to only the essential. If rentals do take place in your car, please follow these tips to stay safe.

Ongoing rentals


As always, we’re asking drivers to return the car to the same location it was picked up from. As usual, repatriation fees will apply if the car is returned elsewhere.

What if you’re unable to meet the driver for a return without Getaround Connect?

Contact the driver to ensure that they’re able to hand over the keys safely, either through a letter box or with a neighbour. Remind them to take photos of the car upon return so you can check its condition: 8 exterior photos, fuel gauge, mileometer, seats.


If a driver is unable to return your car due to travel restrictions, you need to ask them to extend their rental.

What if an extension isn’t possible? Example: 30-day limit reached

Rentals with Getaround Connect Ask the driver to end the rental, and then book the car again. Make sure you accept the rental request, if you haven’t turned on Instant Booking, and keep communications open with the driver.

Rentals without Getaround Connect Ask the driver to extend the rental, and ensure you accept the extension. If this isn’t possible, contact customer support.

Getaround Connect Subscription

To help you compensate for any loss of revenues, we are making a partial contribution to the costs of your Getaround Connect subscription.

For each of your cars that is not rented in February and March, your Getaround Connect fee will be reduced to £9 for the month. If your car is rented out, the Getaround Connect fee remains unchanged.

  • If you have not added the direct debit mandate to your account yet:if your car is not rented the whole month, we will not debit you directly. Instead, the reduced fee of £9 will be deducted from your earnings the next time your car is rented.
  • If you have already added the direct debit mandate to your account: you will initially be debited your usual subscription fee. If your car is not rented during that month, we will partially reimburse you to bring the subscription fee down to £9 Reimbursements will be made at the start of the following month.

Our service

Our team is here for you throughout this difficult time. If you’re trying to get in touch with us, we ask for your patience and understanding that our customer support team may take longer than usual to reply.

Car quarantine protocols

If we’re informed that your car has been in contact with the virus, we’ll deactivate your listing. We’ll also ask you to quarantine the car for 96 hours or sanitise it before reactivating your listing.

Stay informed

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