Can't log in or access certain features

Article updated on 31/01/2023

Possible reasons you can’t log in or are blocked from certain features:

1) Wrong password

Double check that you’re entering it correctly. If it still doesn’t work, try resetting your password. Note: only you can modify your password. Our support team cannot view your password or help you change it.

2) Wrong email address or account

Make sure you’re signing up via the same credentials you used to create your account:

  • If you signed up with an email account, make sure you’re using the same email address.
  • If you signed up with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, make sure you’re logging in with that same account.

If necessary, you can update your email address.

3) Several failed login attempts

To prevent unauthorised access to your account, we temporarily suspend your ability to login after several consecutive failed login attempts. We alert you by email when this happens. The suspension is automatically lifted after 4 hours, but you can regain access more quickly by resetting your password.

4) Restricted account

Users with a restricted account are generally still able to log in. However, in some rare cases our Safety Team may choose to completely revoke a user’s ability to log in. To learn more about restricted accounts, click here.

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