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How much is the insurance excess for each category of vehicle?

Our insurance covers you during your rental, with an excess that applies if the vehicle is damaged. As a driver, you are responsible for paying this excess. You can reduce your excess by adding one of the excess reduction options during payment, or at any time before the start of the first rental half-day: go to Your rentals > Relevant rental.

Here are the details about the insurance excess that applies in the event of an accident:


For any driver aged between 21 and 24 years old, an additional deductible of £500 will be added to all the amounts mentioned above. Due to insurance requirements, all drivers 25 years and under are also required to pay a young driver's surcharge of £20 per trip.

Please note that the excess reduction options do not cover theft of the vehicle. The excess that applies in the event of theft is therefore the normal insurance excess.

If you have an accident involving a third party and you are not responsible, you will initially be required to pay the excess. This will then be reimbursed to you, once your responsibility has been cleared.

NB: The insurance excess applies to every incident that occurs during your rental. In addition, the excess reduction options only cover one incident per rental.

As well as the insurance excess, you will also be required to pay:

  • £30 in management fees per incident.
  • If you are found to be responsible for damage or injury to third parties using a vehicle hired on the website, but did not report it to Getaround, a fee of £382 will be applied.

This article contains information specific to a particular country of registration. Refer to the international version of this article for other cases.

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