Guide to the protection plans and insurance cover

Article updated on 02/02/2023

When you rent a vehicle on Getaround, your rental is covered by our insurance, regardless of the protection plan you purchased. In addition, all rentals include 24/7 roadside assistance, which takes care of the car and the passengers in case of a breakdown or accident during a trip.

Insurance Coverage

When booking your rental, have two choices of excess: standard or minimum. The exact amount of each excess is outlined in a table below. For all rentals, the underlying insurance cover remains the same and is provided by Apollo underwritten by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance UK Limited.

Example: when you rent a vehicle in the “Eco” category:

If you choose a standard excess (e.g.£900):

  • The amount of the standard excess is €£900.
  • The amount of the standard deposit retained is £350.
  • If you cause damage of £300, you will be liable for £300. If the deposit is still retained, the amount due will be taken from the deposit, and the remaining amount of the deposit will be released to your bank account.

If you choose a minimum excess (e.g. £350):

  • The amount of the excess is reduced to £350.
  • The amount of the deposit withheld is reduced to £250.
  • If you cause damage of £300, you will be liable for £250. If the deposit is still retained, the amount due will be taken from the deposit, and the remaining amount of the deposit will be released to your bank account.

Insurance Guarantees and Exclusions

Getaround’s insurance covers:

  • Damage to the vehicle (exterior)
  • Damage caused to a third party
  • Theft of the vehicle (the amount of the excess is not reduced)
  • Fire
  • Broken glass (depending on the case)

Getaround’s insurance does not cover:

  • Puncture
  • Misfuelling
  • Loss/breakage of vehicle key
  • Interior Damage
  • Normal vehicle wear

Important conditions

Multiple accidents:

If the vehicle is damaged multiple times during a single rental, the excess will be applied to each damage (for example: a £900 excess per damage).

If you have subscribed to the minimum excess, the reduced excess will only apply to one damage (the one with the highest repair cost).

Example: during a rental 2 incidents that resulted in damage occurred:

  • Damage #1 costs £500
  • Damage #2 costs £300

→ You will pay the excess you have per incident.

Accident with an identified third party:

In the event of a non-fault accident with a third party, we will first deduct the amount of the excess according to the protection taken out. We will then reimburse you as soon as our insurance has confirmed that you are not liable for the damage

Accident with an unidentified third party:

In the event of an accident with an unidentified third party the insurance policy we have will cover the cost, minus your protection plan excess.

What could invalidate the insurance coverage?

You must make sure you meet our insurance conditions. In particular, you could invalidate your insurance cover as a driver if:

  • You do not remain the main driver throughout the rental (secondary drivers remain authorised if they have been added to the rental contract but the main driver must be present at the beginning and at the end of the rental).
  • You have travelled to a country other than the countries explicitly allowed (view list).

You should also note that certain accessories and behaviours are not insured, and that any damage would be your responsibility:

  • All damage to the interior of the vehicle (seats, glove box, etc.)
  • Misfuelling
  • Loss of vehicle keys
  • Any breakdown resulting from misuse of the vehicle on your part
  • Any aggravation of damage or breakdown

What is the excess?

The excess is the amount you are responsible for in the event of a claim.

The excess amount is not charged when you pay for your booking. A deposit will be charged but you will remain responsible for up to the full excess amount of the plan you have chosen. The relevant excess amount will be debited in the event of responsible damage occurring during the rental, to cover the costs incurred.

This amount varies according to the excess you have chosen.


In case of theft without the ability to return the keys, a 3000 GBP excess will be applied to the renter.

Will my Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard refund the excess?

No, Visa Premier, Gold Mastercard, and American Express don't cover refunds of the insurance excess for peer-to-peer rentals. This type of cover only applies to rentals with traditional hire companies.

This article contains information specific to a particular country of registration. Refer to the international version of this article for other cases.

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