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How can I report damages that happened during a Getaround Connect rental?

The driver has to inform you about any damage made during the rental, as well as any unreported damage that they noticed during the walk-around inspection at check-in. You have up to 2 days after check-out to report the incident to Getaround.

If, when checking your vehicle, you notice any damage that wasn't there when the walk-around inspection was performed, or any damage that the driver didn’t report, you should report damage.

The photos taken during the walk-around inspections at both check-in and check-out will be checked by Getaround to establish whether or not the driver was responsible. If the driver deliberately takes unclear photos, they will be held responsible for any damage.

If your rentals come one after another with more than 2 days between them, we recommend regularly checking the condition of your vehicle. If there is damage to report that has not been reported by the driver, you should inform Customer Service within four days of check-out.

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