Guide to variable pricing

Article updated on 03/06/2022

Demand for car rentals varies throughout the year. You can adapt to these fluctuations by setting variable prices in your calendar. Go to “Your cars” > Select the car > “Price.”

You can set prices for times when demand is:

  • low (weekdays)
  • medium (regular weekends)
  • high (holidays, summer, etc.)


We recommend lowering your price for times when demand is low and raising it slightly when demand is high. When you set variable prices, they’ll automatically be applied to your calendar for the next 3 months. However, you can always manually edit specific dates in the calendar.

Click here to learn how your settings are used to calculate the price of an individual rental.

Save time with Smart Pricing

If you activate Smart Pricing, your prices will be automatically adjusted and regularly updated to match current demand for cars like yours. Once you’ve activated Smart Pricing, you can still manually edit specific calendar dates if you wish.

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