Guide to rentals on Getaround

Article updated on 16/08/2022

Rentals with Getaround Connect

1. Rental request

As your Getaround Connect car will have Instant booking activated, drivers will be able to book it without you needing to accept manually. The profile of the driver is then verified by Getaround (licence check, and ID documents).

2. Rental preparation

Before the rental begins, leave the keys in your car (in the Getaround pouch), then lock your car using your Smartphone: go to Your Cars > select your car > click 'See on Getaround Connect' > Close. The driver will be able to unlock the car when the rental begins on the system.

3. Beginning of the rental

The renter can locate the car using their smartphone 1 hour before the rental begins. Once at the vehicle, the driver will complete the rental agreement and take 8 photos of the car, from different angles. When this is completed, they will unlock your vehicle with their smartphone. They take the keys, indicate the mileage and the fuel level, and then go! You'll receive an email with the contract at the beginning of the rental. During the rental, the renter uses your vehicle as normal (meaning with the keys).

4. End of the rental

The renter is required to take pictures of your vehicle from 8 different angles, and indicate the fuel and mileage levels. They'll put the keys back inside the car and lock it via the Getaround app. You'll receive an email with the completed contract at the end of the rental. You can then make a request to Getaround if any mileage or fuel adjustments need to be made. If the driver damaged the car during the rental, they'll have to report it via the app: you would then be notified by email. Once the rental is over, you can locate your car again with your smartphone. If you need to use your car, open it with your smartphone and take your keys from the Getaround pouch. You'll then use your vehicle as usual.

Rentals without Getaround Connect

Rental request

When you receive a rental request, you have two options:

Accept the request only if you can hand over the keys at the time and place requested. If you accept rentals that you cannot fulfil, your vehicle will go down in the search results. Once you have accepted the request, the driver has to pay to confirm the rental.

Decline the request if the request, or the check-in time or place does not suit you. If your car is not available for the period requested, update your calendar.

If you need more information before responding to a request, contact the driver by phone or text message.

NB: You will be informed by email and text message if the driver confirms the rental. You will receive a checklist with the various steps to follow to prepare for the rental. There is a possibility that the driver won't confirm the rental, as most drivers contact several owners before making their decision. For this reason, if you receive several rental requests for the same dates, we recommend accepting all of them. The first driver who pays will be able to hire your car.

Starting the rental

The rental automatically starts at the booked check-in time. You have to provide the rental agreement and complete it with the driver. The driver’s signature is required for insurance purposes.

Ending the rental

The rental ends automatically at the check-out time booked. You have to provide the rental agreement and complete it with the driver. The driver’s signature is required for insurance purposes.

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